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As a business owner, you spend many hours working and developing your business. But have you thought about what would happen to your business should you or your partner become disabled, or worse, die? To preserve the future of your business, it is important to create a business continuation plan.

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Cover any contingency with comprehensive plans

Making a decision on an insurance policy is critical to your company’s longtime security and success. It is important to always confirm the credentials and level of experience of your insurance broker. Agent Sean Griffith is happy to provide client references at your request.

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Policy Options

  • Liability Protection
  • Commercial Real Estate Insurance
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance
  • Commercial Aviation Insurance
  • Farm/Agricultural Insurance
  • Commercial Marine Insurance
  • Construction Insurance


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  • Mergers/Acquisitions Insurance
  • Contracting Insurance
  • Workers Comp Insurance
  • Weather Insurance
  • Fleet Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Industrial Insurance
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Property Insurance

Cover any damage (such as fire and theft) to the physical assets of your business, including the building, vehicles, computers/servers… to help your company get back to business.

Professional Liability

Cover any incidental damages your business may cause to other properties or persons, such as employment practices, defective products, or other acts of negligence.

Worker’s Compensation

Protect employees in the event of an on-the-job injury with insurance that covers medical costs for the injured worker as well as as lost wages suffered as a result of their injury.

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While still making it rain for your business...